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The Office of S. Kent Lauson, D.D.S., M.S.

Welcome to our website! Our office is in southeast Aurora, Colorado. We proudly serve patients from the Denver Metro Area, as well as from all over the United States and even Canada.

At Aurora Orthodontics & TMJ, our motto is “Excellence in a friendly, caring atmosphere.” We care for our patients with the highest level of ethical and technical standards. This creates an extraordinary opportunity for our patients to experience results that are not possible with a traditional orthodontic approach. We feel we are improving more than just smiles, we are improving lives.

Treatment Philosophy

Dr. S. Kent Lauson’s treatment philosophy is based on Ten Keys to Facial Harmony as first introduced in his ground-breaking book Straight Talk About Crooked Teeth. These keys have been found to be essential in achieving maximum benefit to every patient, young or old, not only from an aesthetic standpoint, but also a total body health standpoint.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Here at Aurora Orthodontics & TMJ, our approach to treating children is different. We seek to address the underlying cause of crooked teeth before bite problems develop. Most orthodontists like to delay treatment and see what happens. Unfortunately, that can make problems more severe, resulting in longer treatment. By beginning treatment at five-years-old, Dr. Lauson can identify poor myofunctional habits, such as tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, thumb sucking and reverse swallowing. Current research indicates that these habits can cause improper development of the jaw, crowding and other bite problems.

Orthodontic Treatment

We provide non-extraction and non-surgical orthodontics to achieve beautiful and full Hollywood-type smiles. In addition to traditional metal braces, we also offer Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen.

We offer permanent solutions for conditions such as TMJ Dysfunctions (TMD) and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). We have treated thousands of patients, providing relief for such conditions, as well as preventing these conditions from appearing later in life.

In the case of TMJ dysfunction, we offer a three-step approach that not only involves correction of the TMJs, but correction of the facial structures and occlusion (corrected bite), which can give a permanent correction.

For OSA, we offer more permanent solutions to get you off the CPAP or oral appliance. Please call for a consultation.

We are an Invisalign® PREMIER PROVIDER

Invisalign now combined with iTero is ready to deliver the most sophisticated solution.


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