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Sleep Apnea Cured: No more CPAP

First let’s discuss just what sleep apnea is. Let’s start by describing what obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the most common type of sleep disorder, is.

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Teeth and Posture

What do teeth have to do with head posture anyway? As it turns out, teeth have a lot of influence, bad and good, on a person’s head posture. Fortunately, with early intervention, many of the problems associated with poor posture can be avoided simply by addressing the displacement of the lower jaw and teeth.

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Mouth Breathing: A Serious Health Problem

A person’s ability to breathe properly through his or her nose, without obstruction, is critical to their health and vitality in many ways; it cannot be overemphasized as a health or quality-of-life issue. Obstructions, however they occur, need to be evaluated and eliminated. Without the elimination of the obstruction, mouth breathing can result and lead to many problems.

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