Reward Zone

Reward Zone

We offer a token reward program to all our patients as a fun way to take ownership of your orthodontic treatment.  As an incentive for you taking care of your teeth, appliance and braces, we reward you with our wooden tokens that you may cash in for gift cards.

While you are in the active phase of your treatment (wearing expanders and/or braces), you have a chance to earn up to 3 tokens per visit based on a good grade for brushing, wearing appliances or rubber bands, and not having anything broken or loose.

If your brushing or the care of your braces needs a little improvement, the treatment technician will discuss it with you and decide how many tokens you will receive.

You may save up your tokens and redeem them at the front desk. For 25 tokens you can earn a gift card to places such as Barnes & Noble, Chick-fil-A, Noodles & Co, Starbucks and Target.

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