What I like best about Aurora Orthodontics is the customer service. Every visit is pleasant and professional!

Jasmine C., parent of Kayden, 12/26/16

The staff is just awesome…always friendly, helpful, and caring.

Salvador E., parent of Taylor, 12/26/16

What did I like best about my last visit to Aurora Orthodontics? Everything. The staff makes you feel comfortable and are always inviting. They always seem happy to see us. I love that everyone that works there seems to be able to help or cover each other when needed. Everything appears so seamless there, I love it! Also, after carefully and faithfully following the doctor’s instructions and wearing the rubber bands, it looks like my treatment may end earlier than expected!!! Doesn’t get any better than this!

I am a 55 year old patient and braces had not been in my plan, but TMJ caused me to look for help. I am so glad I found Dr. Lauson’s office!

Misty M., patient, 1/7/17

Dr. Lauson and his staff are the best. Try him, I am 100% positive that you will not find anyone better.

Sharon W., patient 1/14/17

All of the staff is always happy and smiling. The office is very efficient.

Chere M, parent of Trevor, 1/14/17

“When I was younger, I was embarrassed by my teeth and never wanted to show them when I smiled. I had a very small mouth with too many teeth that were all messed up and turned around. Dr. Lauson’s treatment has completely changed my life. Today my teeth look beautiful. I am more confident in myself now; I love to laugh and smile and show off my teeth. I can never thank him enough for everything he has done for me.”

—Brittany E., Teen Patient, Aurora, Colorado

“Dr. Lauson not only gave my daughter a beautiful smile, but more importantly, he gave her self-confidence. She didn’t smile much because she didn’t like the way her teeth looked and when she did smile, she kept her lips closed. I will never forget the day she got her braces off; her smile was amazing. I could see her smile in her eyes for the first time. She had so much more than just pretty teeth: she stood taller and she was so much more confident in everything she did. I cannot thank Dr. Lauson enough for what he gave my daughter.”

—Brittany E.’s Mother, Aurora, Colorado

“Dr. Lauson’s treatment changed my life. I remember a time when I was too embarrassed to smile, and I never smiled in pictures. Today my photo album is full of pictures in which I am smiling.”

—Yelya P., Adult Patient, Centennial, Colorado

“I highly recommend anyone who is contemplating having orthodontics done to see Dr. Lauson. I now travel from the East Coast for my visits since I moved from Colorado during my treatment. The office is phenomenal, and I’m so happy to be here and to be one of Dr. Lauson’s patients. It really has been a great experience.”

—Rita B., Adult Patient, Gaithersburg, Maryland

“The office is beautiful, and it’s always a fun place to go.”

—Teen Patient, Aurora, Colorado

“My underbite caused me to feel extremely self-conscious. I had pain that went from behind my ears, all the way down my neck and shoulders, and down into my back. My sister found Dr. Lauson and called me one day. She said, ‘Cathy, you have to see this doctor. He’s absolutely amazing! He does everything naturally—no surgery, no drugs. He will fix your bite, get you out of pain, and give you a nice smile again.’ . . . I was completely impressed with the whole process: with his philosophy, with the staff. I had talked to previous dentists and they told me that the only way to fix my jaw and my bite was to break my jaw and have it wired together for six to eight weeks. I knew there had to be a way to do it naturally without having to go through a surgical procedure. The holistic approach that Dr. L. takes is pretty incredible. I had been told before by previous doctors that once you’re an adult you can’t expand your palate. So I thought, “Are you sure you can do this?!” When I got my expander, and it started moving, it was amazing. Dr. Lauson’s staff is incredible. It’s like a family environment around here. They just make you feel so at home. Everybody in the office, from the front desk to all the girls in the back, really cares about what’s happens to you and how you’re progressing. Dr. Lauson is phenomenal. You can just tell he’s a very compassionate, caring man who really wants you to get the best treatment. I tell all my friends and family that he’s the first person I’ve ever been to that really wants to take a holistic approach to fixing my bite and fixing my jaw. I’d recommend him to anybody.”

—Cathy H., Adult Patient, Aurora, Colorado

“I had a huge underbite. Other dentists said they would have to break my jaw, but I didn’t have to have surgery to fix my jaw; Aurora Orthodontics had another solution.”

—Isaiah, Teen Patient, Aurora, Colorado

“I had a really small jaw and all of my teeth were crooked. Now my teeth are all straight. I feel a lot more comfortable smiling, and I smile all the time. I was really happy about how quickly the treatment went.”

—Teen Patient, Aurora, Colorado

“When I came in I had pretty severe headaches, and I couldn’t open my jaw at all. I had ear problems, sinus problems, and postnasal drip. I think Dr. Lauson is working on the whole problem—not just straightening my teeth—so that as I get older, I won’t continue to have gum problems and headaches. I’ve seen what he’s done and have a huge trust factor with Dr. Lauson.”

—Mary J., Adult Patient, Aurora, Colorado

“Now, after treatment, I no longer have symptoms. I got really lucky that in my second time in braces I ended up here. It would be nice if every orthodontic office knew how to do these procedures because there’d be so many more happy people out there. If there was a way I could tell everybody that needed braces or jaw repair to come here, I would! I really didn’t want to believe that everything Dr. Lauson was saying would come true. It sounded too good to be true; but the truth is, it was true, and it just took time to see that. He really knows what he’s doing!”

—Seth K., Adult Patient, Centennial, Colorado

“The treatment here has been a miracle for me; with my symptoms, it’s really been life changing. I feel better, and I’m able to live a healthy life. I love this office and I think anyone would love coming here. It’s very clean and professional. The staff is wonderful and they really do care.”

—Jennifer S., Adult Patient, Littleton, Colorado

“The transition in my mouth has been pretty incredible, and I’m excited about the finished product. I’m amazed at the wonderment of enjoying a meal, enjoying the flavors and chewing my food to the level that it actually digests better. A whole new world is opened up to me. I’ve worked with lots of service organizations throughout my life, and generally when I work with a group over a period of time I always find the flaws. I have yet to find the flaws in this organization. The people here are the most caring, loving people.”

—Dennis P., Adult Patient, Redwood City, California

“I had a narrow jaw and my teeth were not matching. The enamel was chipping off my teeth because of the way they were matching up . . . All the symptoms I had when I came in are gone. I don’t have any of the headaches, my jaw doesn’t hurt anymore, and the tension in my neck is gone. My smile is a lot better than it was, even though I didn’t start for cosmetic reasons.”

—Jennifer O., Adult Patient, Aurora, Colorado

I had really crooked teeth, so I came here, trusted Dr. Lauson, and he actually made my smile perfect! I’d recommend him to anyone. I’m really happy!”

—Brittany C., Teen Patient, Aurora, Colorado

“Before I came to the orthodontist I had teeth all up in my gums, and now I don’t have that any more. It’s definitely helped my self-confidence. It makes me feel happier about my teeth. The feeling of getting to smile makes me feel happy.”

—Stephanie D., Teen Patient, Centennial, Colorado

“Braces were not something I was looking forward to, but after seeing the final result, I am so happy I went through the process. I would like to let other kids know that having orthodontic treatment is definitely worth the wait, and you’ll be very pleased with the outcome.”

—Ashlyn S., Teen Patient, Aurora, Colorado

“We feel fortunate that Dr. Lauson and his caring team were recommended to us for our child’s orthodontic treatment. A smile can leave a lasting impression and is often the first thing others notice and remember. It was important for us to be able to provide our child with the proper orthodontic care in order to give her a smile that she could be proud of. Dr. Lauson’s dedication to improving our child’s smile has made a vast impact on how she interacts with others. It has given her confidence and pride in her appearance. We appreciate his area of expertise in expanding the palate to create a beautiful, full smile.”

—Parents of Ashlyn S., Aurora, Colorado

“A friend referred me to Aurora Orthodontics, and I came here because of my teeth (obviously). I started coming here and just became part of the family! It’s made me a lot more comfortable smiling and given me more confidence.”

—Megan, Teen Patient, Aurora, Colorado

“Our visit to the local orthodontist was not a positive experience. My daughter was told that her “condition” was quite serious and that it was vital that this be corrected soon and that braces initially would not come close to addressing the problem . . . treatment consisted of reconstructive surgery, upper and lower jaw, at his estimated cost of $40-50,000 . . . braces for an additional charge of $8,000. My daughter was extremely distraught. I became acquainted with Dr. Lauson . . . his practice was in Denver, a distance of 700 miles round trip. An appointment was made and the situation was explained. My daughter was overjoyed and pleased that the surgery would not be needed. Fast-forward one year: I can’t believe the changes that have been made. Her smile and her dental alignment look 100% better. Her confidence has blossomed, and it seems as though you made an impression as she is considering the dental profession, and more specifically to become an orthodontist. Thanks again for your help: consider this another success story.”

—Dr. Daniel A., Parent of Teen Patient, Gillette, Wyoming

“The understanding that I have of Dr. Lauson’s process of treatment is that it is based on scientific, traceable evidence and conservative treatment philosophy. No big mystery, just a gifted understanding of the processes of the human body and how it works. If you are searching for an answer, which you are if you are reading this . . . trust me . . . HERE IT IS!! I will always be an advocate of Dr. Lauson’s treatment because it has changed not just my mouth, but also my quality of life. Who knew how much pain had taken away from me? Thank you, Dr. Lauson, you have made a huge difference in my life.”

—Susan S., Adult Patient, Littleton, Colorado

“Well, based on my family’s history of having nice teeth, I figured I would be the same; that turned out not to be the case. As I grew up, I began to feel out of place at family events, even when just hanging out with my friends. Finally my mother had enough and decided that my teeth needed fixing. I eventually saw that she was right. I noticed that in all my photos that I never once smiled. But after having braces, for once in my life, I actually feel happy and am able to smile about it!”

—Ricardo B., Teen Patient, Denver, Colorado

“When we first met with Dr. Lauson, we explained to him that my son had special physical concerns. He recommended expansion of his upper jaw rather than removing teeth or surgery. The treatment that he performed had the added advantage of not upsetting the relationship of the jaw and teeth to the spine, and it addressed some of the sinus pressure he had been experiencing as well. Because my son had cranialsacral work done, his body responded especially well to the expansion and better than any other option we looked at. Dr. Lauson’s time frame for treatment was fantastic. It was such a quick process because the palate adjustment made the time in actual braces minimal. The team Dr. Lauson has put together is excellent and helps to make the trips to Denver from Jackson, Wyoming, well worth it. The before and after changes in my sons photos are dramatic. The fact that this was accomplished without surgery and tooth extraction, previously recommended by other professionals, is a tribute to Dr. Lauson’s judgment and experience. I personally appreciate my son's beautiful smile. We are forever grateful for Dr. Lauson’s fine work.”

—Sherry F., Mother of Nick (Teen Patient), Jackson, Wyoming