“What I like best about Aurora Orthodontics is the customer service. Every visit is pleasant and professional!” – Jasmine C., parent of Kayden, 12/26/16

“The staff is just awesome…always friendly, helpful, and caring.” – Salvador E., parent of Taylor, 12/26/16

“What did I like best about my last visit to Aurora Orthodontics? Everything. The staff makes you feel comfortable and are always inviting. They always seem happy to see us. I love that everyone that works there seems to be able to help or cover each other when needed. Everything appears so seamless there, I love it! Also, after carefully and faithfully following the doctor’s instructions and wearing the rubber bands, it looks like my treatment may end earlier than expected!!! Doesn’t get any better than this! I am a 55 year old patient and braces had not been in my plan, but TMJ caused me to look for help. I am so glad I found Dr. Lauson’s office!” – Misty M., patient, 1/7/17

“Dr. Lauson and his staff are the best. Try him, I am 100% positive that you will not find anyone better.” –Sharon W., patient 1/14/17

“All of the staff is always happy and smiling. The office is very efficient.” – Chere M, parent of Trevor, 1/14/17

“I had a huge underbite. Other dentists said they would have to break my jaw, but I didn’t have to have surgery to fix my jaw; Aurora Orthodontics had another solution.” – Isaiah, teen patient, Aurora, Colorado

“I had a narrow jaw and my teeth were not matching. The enamel was chipping off my teeth because of the way they were matching up. All the symptoms I had when I came in are gone. I don’t have any of the headaches, my jaw doesn’t hurt anymore, and the tension in my neck is gone. My smile is a lot better than it was, even though I didn’t start for cosmetic reasons.” – Jennifer O., adult patient, Aurora, Colorado

Aurora Orthodontics & TMJ

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